A Member of the Temperance Society


Background Notes

This cartoon from the early 1830s satirizes temperance enthusiasts. A very large man sits alone at a table with his fat legs spread out before him, eating from an enormous dish. All around him, on the table and on five different sideboards, are heaping serving dishes and various jars and bottles, suggesting to viewers that this man's vice is food, not alcohol.

Curator Notes

Type: Lithograph

Exact Title: A Member of the Temperance Society

Year: 1833
Probable Date: 1833 or 1834

Description: 1 print

Author/Creator: Risso & Browne

Publisher: Risso & Browne
Place of Publication: New York

Dimensions: 31.5 x 37.2 cm.



Catalog Number: American Antiquarian Society Lithf RissB Memb