A View of Concord, taken in 1776


Background Notes

Following the Battle of Lexington, Smith and his troops soon departed and continued on their way to Concord. In the meantime, warning already had been sent that the British were still intending to head to Concord to complete their mission. This gave the militia in Concord time to regroup and set out to meet the British. The British entered Concord to search for weapons, which they then dumped in the pond or burned. The militiamen could see the destruction from their posts near the North and South Bridges, and feared that the British were going to burn the entire town. The militia then closed in on the British troops at the North Bridge. A few hours later, Smith organized his troops to retreat from Concord. However, they again met with resistance from the militia outside of town. They continued to battle all day, fighting all the way back to Charlestown.

Curator Notes

Type: Engraving

Exact Title:

Year: 1776
Probable Date:


Author/Creator: Artist: Hill, Samuel (1766?-1804)

Publisher: Hill, Samuel
Place of Publication:

Dimensions: 9.9 x 15.6 cm.



Catalog Number: American Antiquarian Society